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Wedding Planning Tips

Anything can be easy once you know how to do it. Planning your wedding can seem like a daunting task, but this article breaks the process down into simpler, more manageable steps. Although I am trying to keep things in a certain order, you are smart enough to know things don’t always happen as planned.


1. How many guests will be at your wedding?
This is the first thing you should figure out before planning anything else.  Also known has “how big is your wedding?”. The answer to this question will dictate the rest of your planning.    If you have a small wedding (less than 50 people), the decisions you make are going to be very different from a big wedding.

Create tiers for your guests in order of importance. Close family in the top tier, close friends in the next, and so on. This will help you stay organized later.  When you start making that list of invites don’t forget to consider the +1s! Also keep in mind that, in general, approximately 30% of people will not be able to attend your wedding, so brace yourself for rejection.


2. Where and when will your wedding take place?
So now that you know how big your wedding will be you can rent the appropriate venue to house that many people comfortably without having to bust out some extra tables over the dance floor. But wait! Before you can start calling venues, you need to know when you’d like to book them.

An easy way to get started figuring out what date you’d like to have your wedding, is to first think about what season works best for you. Winter weddings will generally be cheaper since that is the low season for weddings. Spring and Fall are when most people have their weddings, so you’ll find more normal pricing during those seasons, and Summer is considered the peak season (specifically June and September).

Also keep in mind there are some obvious dates to avoid (like don’t plan your wedding on the same day as the superbowl), and some that are not as obvious (like a big convention happening in your city), or some that are traditionally thought of as unlucky dates (like Friday the 13th).

The Knot compiled a nice list of dates to avoid.


3. What do you have planned for your wedding day?
This is the most exciting, but also one of the more stressful parts about planning a wedding. Consider what events you’d like to have on your wedding day and keep in mind things like travel time and eating! If you have a coordinator, put them in charge of keeping your fed and hydrated because with so much going on in one day, that is something which is often overlooked. Feed yourself, but also make sure to feed your crew. They might not exactly be guests to your wedding, but many of them (like the coordinator, videographers and photographers, cough cough) will be on their feet all day long.

4. Ask for help!
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you don’t need to do everything!  A great way to plan a perfect wedding is to talk to experienced vendors. Once you find a vendor who clearly has a lot of experience with weddings, let them point you to the a great venue or the next vendor you’re looking for. Get their opinion on the plans you’ve already made because these are people who go to a wedding every week! They’ve seen big weddings, small ones, every ceremony you can think of.



5. Need more tips?

“Don’t hire any vendors before you’ve confirmed your date; don’t design your cake before you’ve envisioned your flowers; and don’t book a band before you’ve settled on a space.”
-The Knot

The Knot is a great resource for wedding and engagement information.  If you’re still pretty early in the process, check out this article about getting organized.

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