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Our aim is to create a cinematic capture of your story using beautiful imagery set to the perfect music.  But we’re not trying to make a slideshow, we capture live audio too.  When you recite your vows, or the officiant says something impactful, you’ll be able to relive that moment.  Every wedding day is different, filled with different events and personalities.  Everyone’s wedding tells a unique story so we don’t use any kind of template either.

It’s your day, so we will stay out of the way.  We take being unobtrusive very seriously.  We want to capture your story, so we keep our work behind the scenes, not in it.  Working well with others is paramount to making that happen, so our friendly team will stay in close communication with your planner and vendors.

We utilize professional editing techniques which result in a beautifully cinematic experience you can watch over and over. Check out some of our work below!